Eye-Care for Employer

|New Eye-Care Benefit for Employers Only

Employers are increasingly focused on increased productivity and better employee wellbeing.

Did you know that one in four Irish families are affected by sight loss, which for employers means increased healthcare costs and expenses due to lost productivity. Further costs are incurred by employers due to other undiagnosed medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol many of which can be detected early through a comprehensive eye exam.

Most people are totally unaware of the importance of regular eye examinations and only seek advice when a problem presents or their vision decreases. With limited cover in place either through the State or private health insurance, the cost including frames, lenses etc. falls on the individual consumer.

Partnership with VSP Vision Care (VSP)

We are delighted to announce our partnership with VSP who focus solely on the provision of quality Eye-Care cover in Ireland. They are the largest vision benefits and services company in the US with over 58 million members across 42,000 company group schemes.

Their low-cost schemes for employers promote eye health and overall wellbeing while also providing cash benefits for eye examinations, spectacles, contact lenses and laser vision correction. They can also administer programmes for VDU assessments.

They have four different levels of cover to suit all employers in Ireland and can design schemes for both company-paid and voluntary arrangements for the benefit of all your employees.

Why VSP Vision Care?

  • Promotion of eye-care means healthier employees and reduced sick leave
  • Covers full eye exams including eye tests for driving
  • Contributes towards reading, driving, VDU, sports and safety eye wear
  • Contribution also towards contact lenses and laser eye surgery
  • Consumer choice of provider from network with no excess
  • Online payments system with provider network, i.e. customer doesn’t pay

To find out more about VSP benefits for your company, click here

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