Consumers (Individuals & Families)

Consumers are reeling from spiralling health insurance costs. But there is still great value across all three health insurers if you know where to find it. You must review your cover each year before your renewal date to make sure you’re on the right plan at the right price.

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  • Selecting The Right Cover For You / Your Family

    Are you certain you’re getting the best healthcare deal from your insurer? Always make sure that the cover selected meets your requirements. We recommend you include the following;

    • public hospitals cover
    • private hospital cover to semi-private level (no more than 5 beds in a ward)
    • cover for the high-tech hospitals (Blackrock Clinic, Mater Private, Beacon) for cardiac and day-case
    • check out the corporate plans if you want cover for everyday routine medical expenses
    • add an excess to your policy if you want to reduce your costs further. Remember, the higher the excess, the bigger the savings, but the bigger the risk you’re accepting”

    Don’t pay more money for less benefits. Check out our ‘Policy Search’ facility for the best deals on the market today. You will also find details on how to get your cover reviewed free of charge.

  • Alternative Healthcare Products

    We all have different requirements when it comes to our healthcare cover. There are new products on the market now such as;

    • Dental: covers all routine treatments including allowances for crowns and orthodontics
    • Medical Cash: covers everyday medical expenses with a cash allowance for all hospital stays

    Click on the links for more details on these products.

    Click here to find out how to combine these products with your health insurance for the best overall cover

  • Are You Over-Insured?
    • Are you on the same plan for two years or more?
    • Do you have all the family on the same plan?
    • Are you are paying additional premium for extras such as a private room?
    • Do you believe that ‘corporate plans’ are only for company schemes?

    If YES, to any of the above, then I believe you could be over-insured and missing out on potential cost savings”

    Review your cover each year and don’t pay any more than you have to. Click on our ‘Policy Search’ facility to find the best deals on the market right now.

  • Tips To Reduce Your Costs
    • Split your cover - e.g. put the adults on a high plan and children on lower cover
    • Claim Student Rates (age 18-20); don’t expect the insurer to offer them to you
    • Follow the best ‘Corporate Deals’ each year to keep your cover up to date
    • Give up your Private Room cover – it’s too expensive and never guaranteed
    • Check out all the Special Offers especially for children, e.g. free cover or ½ price cover
    • Take an Excess for a reduced premium (excess applies to private hospital stays only)
    • Switch Insurer for better deals. You don’t have to re-serve your waiting periods again

    Don’t pay too much for your health cover. Click on our ‘Policy Search’ facility now for the best deals and also to find out how to get your cover reviewed free-of-charge.

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