Health Cash Plans for FAMILIES

Below is a summary of their most popular Family plan costing €71.50 per month (€858 per annum).

Note: This is an all-inclusive family charge for the policyholder, their spouse/partner and dependent children under 21 who live with you.

Sample HSF Family Plan Benefits

Medical Expenses Covered Benefit Amount per year
Dental & Optical (combined).  This is in addition to the new Dental Trauma Benefit of €2,000 100% to €650
GP, and A&E combined 10 visits at €25
Prescriptions 4 visits at €13

Practitioners: (Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic)y

100% to €500
Consultations  100% to €860
Birth / Adoption (per child) €850
Surgical Applicances & Hearing Aids (subject to certain criteria) €700
Day Case Surgery Treatment (payable for 8 treatments per annum) €100 per day-case
Hospital (General & Hospice) - payable for 40 nights per annum €100 per night
Wellbeing & Alternative Treatments:(Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropody/Podiatry) 100% to €500
Helplines: GP / Stress Counselling / Prescription Service / Personal Accident Cover Included

Be Careful - Always check the following before you join!

  • Ensure you understand the waiting periods that apply before joining
  • Check the rules regarding pre-existing medical conditions
  • Check the limits on each expense per year
  • Ensure that the medical practitioner you’re attending is fully qualified
  • Finally, always make sure that the plan selected meets your exact requirements.

Find Out More

To find out more about these plans, click here to contact HSF health plan directly.

Alternatively, phone HSF directly on 0818 451 451

Please note that Health Cash plans are widely available across the market. For example, Vhi Healthcare and Laya Healthcare have their own range of plans which can be purchased either with health insurance or on a stand-alone basis. Always make sure that the product selected meets your exact requirements.

"We receive no commissions from HSF health plan. If you want further details on their products including a quotation; or if you join one of their plans, your contract will be with HSF health plan and you will deal directly with them at all times. Total Health Cover accepts no responsibility for any advice provided by HSF health plan on any of their products or services.”

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