Health Cash (HSF)

Why Buy Health Cash Plans from HSF health plan?

Health Cash Plans cover the cost of your everyday medical expenses such as GP, specialists, dental treatments, prescriptions sight tests, glasses, physiotherapy and much more. Many health insurance plans give little or no refund for these expenses. These plans also include cash benefits for overnight hospital stays and day-case treatment.

We have partnered with HSF health plan who are the leading providers of health cash plans in Ireland. They have over 100,000 customers and have been operating here for over 70 years. They have plans for both individuals and families to suit all budgets. Additional discounts are available to employer schemes subject to certain criteria.

Remember, Health Cash Plans are not a substitute for private health insurance. For those with no health insurance, they provide excellent cover for your routine medical costs. You can also combine a Health Cash plan with your health insurance to give you the best healthcare cover possible.

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