We manage employer schemes to ensure that you're on the best plan at the lowest cost possible across all health insurers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you

  • Reducing your Healthcare Costs

    Do you want to avoid annual increases of 10-20%?

    Are your employees questioning the value of health insurance and rising benefit-in-kind costs? New plans are being launched every month which could give you equivalent cover at a lower cost, but you won’t always be offered these by the insurers.

    Let us review your cover each year across all health insurers to find the best product for your company. We can also negotiate the best terms available in terms of discounts and concessions.

  • Quality Healthcare Benefits

    Are you certain you’re getting the best healthcare package from your insurer?

    Whilst many benefits are being reduced, the latest corporate plans will give you excellent hospital coverage, but also cover for additional items such as everyday routine medical expenses, health screening and possibly Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP).

    Don’t pay more money for less benefits. We can advise you on the best cover options across the market to fit your company profile.

  • Alternative Healthcare Products

    We all have different requirements when it comes to healthcare cover. There are new products on the market now including;

    • Dental: covers all routine treatments including allowances for crowns and orthodontics
    • Medical Cash: covers everyday medical expenses with a cash allowance for all hospital stays
    • Eye-Care: covers examinations, VDU assessments and the cost of certain glasses / frames”

    We can advise you on all of these options and how to incorporate them into your healthcare benefits model. We can also negotiate the best terms and conditions for your company.

  • Moving To A Healthcare Allowance

    Employers need to control their escalating healthcare costs. Moving to an ‘Allowance Model’ allows you to fix your healthcare costs and also give your employees freedom to choose a healthcare package to fit their personal needs. It’s ideal for a start-up business but can also be introduced to an existing scheme if you know how.

    We can construct, implement and manage a Healthcare Allowance Model for you. We can ensure you avoid any pitfalls and any potential exposure for the employer or your employees.

  • Best Advice Always

    Healthcare cover has never been more complicated. Are you certain you’re getting the best advice across all providers in the market? We provide our services on a fee basis to ensure you get best advice at all times.

    Normally, our fees are more than out-weighed by savings generated. Try our ‘quick review’ package for small employers starting from €395 plus VAT. For larger employers, Retainer arrangements are also available whereby we review your cover each year 3-6 months prior to your renewal and keep you appraised of all healthcare developments during the year.

  • Health Insurance Savings For Your Employees

    Many employers operate salary deduction schemes but don’t contribute towards the cost. However, they want to help their employees save money on their health insurance costs.

    We can design and deliver employee communications programmes to show the best deals on the market across all insurers and how to save money. Please contact us for more details.

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