Special Offers

Current Special Offers on Private Health Insurance - September 2022 – Summary

VHI Healthcare

  • VHI have a good deal on their One Plan at €245 or their Enhanced Care 250 at €211.  Their best corporate plan deal is on PMI 5210 at €1,182 per adult & €311 per child.
  • Their cheapest child rate is on their public hospital plan called Public Plus Care scheme at €134 per child.

Irish Life Health 

  • Irish Life Health are still offering discounted child rates on their Nurture Plan & Benefit Plan at €188 per child.
  • Their cheapest child rate is on the Select Starter scheme at €151 per child
  • Their best corporate plan deal for children is on the Health Plan 16.1 at €296 per child.  Best corporate plan for adults is their Health Guide 1 at €1,217 per adult.

Laya Healthcare

  • Laya are offering free cover for the second and subsequent child under 18 on their Essential Connect Health plan. We recommend the Inspire Plus scheme at €299 for the first child;
  • Their best corporate plan deal is on their Inspire Plus scheme at €298 per child as mentioned above.  The best corporate plan for adults is the Inspire scheme at €1,220;
  • Their lowest child rate is on their Assure Protect Scheme costing €519 per adult, €158 per child.  This plan covers public hospitals only.

Dermot Goode.  All prices quoted are net of tax relief at source and are correct as of 01/9/2022 based on rates available from the health insurance industry. However, prices and benefits are subject to change and consumers should confirm all details directly with the insurer in question.

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